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Project VisHSM

Adjumed.net is the official registry for visceral surgery cases within highly specialized medicine (HSM). Since many visceral surgeons already participated in the AQC and only the Adjumed system met all requirements, the decision-making body of the IVHSM for Visceral Surgery decided in 2013 to use the AQC system proposed by the Society for Visceral Surgery based on Adjumed.net.

The advantages of Adjumed.net with its overlapping special questionnaires are used more intensively in no other surgical field than in visceral surgery with VisHSM, SMOB, AQC and the temporary continuing education database Vis1. All AQC participants can supplement the cases already recorded with the additional questions requested by the HSM. They have thus fulfilled the specifications with minimal effort. All other participants have access to an uncomplicated, inexpensive and installation-free way to document their HSM cases.

Participation in VisHSM is mandatory. It decides who may perform which operations in visceral surgery. This places the highest demands on the reliability of the system. Within the VisHSM project, Adjumed has also developed the basics for the automated Excel extracts on which the HSM audits are based.


  • Official register of IVHSM in the field of visceral surgery
  • Overlapping special questionnaires for several registers of visceral surgery
Prof. Dr. Dieter Hahnloser

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Prof. Dr. Dieter Hahnloser

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