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Project AQC

The “Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätssicherung in der Chirurgie” (Association for Quality Assurance in Surgery, AQC) is an association of chief and attending physicians with the purpose to create shared statistics of their cases and interventions and to use them for quality assurance and recognition of one’s own strengths. In Adjumed.netIn Adjumed.net, not only the AQC dataset can be entered, but all cases can be filtered regarding the different specific datasets of the specialist societies (hand surgery, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics, plastic surgery, urology, burn surgery, visceral surgery, SMOB, etc.). Thus, specific additional surveys can be conducted without the basic data having to be entered redundantly.

The AQC solution is particularly characterized by the overlapping filter questionnaires. These offer unlimited flexibility in the acquisition and further use of the data, e.g. in other medical registries. In addition, the filter questionnaires massively reduce the survey effort in the hospitals involved, since e.g. VisHSM, SMOB and AQC cases can be entered in one operation. Furthermore, the extensive AQC questionnaire is easy to customize for further special registries.

The AQC register has been ISO-certified since 2006 as a lead project of Adjumed. A speciality is that we also provide support for the SGC-Logbook (www.sgclogbook.ch). The emerging medical specialist can enter their procedures relevant to their specialist title or import and mutate, view and print their entry list from AdjumedCollect. The emerging medical specialist can display their summary of entries at all times and see where he/she stands regarding the target operations.

  • with Adjumed since 1995
  • over 1.5 million records
  • overlapping filter questionnaires
  • ISO-certified since 2006
  • incl. www.sgclogbook.ch
Prof. Dr. med. Othmar Schöb
«The success has many fathers and it makes me proud to be one of those who have made the AQC a big, widely visible, unique lighthouse project of outcome quality assurance.»
Prof. Dr. med. Othmar Schöb