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Our form structure encompasses a range of powerful functionalities. Automatically convert inputs, automatically display inputs in other areas of another questionnaire, or check inputs for correctness. This not only saves you valuable time and resources during input, but also automatically reduces any input errors to an absolute minimum.



Transcodes allow you to convert the input in one or more fields to another field. For example, with the help of a transcode, with the input of a patient’s height and weight, you can calculate BMI or body surface area.


FormularPart is the name for our conditional logic functionality that allows certain fields to be shown or hidden depending on the input entered in other fields of the questionnaire.

For example, you can use FormularPart to specify that a field for pregnancy information is only visible in the questionnaire if “female” was selected for the patient’s gender.


Our form checking function allows the specification of mandatory fields and of the inputs that these fields must contain in order to be considered correctly filled in. With this functionality, it is possible to store a message for each field, which appears in case of an incorrect entry and informs the user how to fill in the field correctly. The checks can be very complex and involve several fields.

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