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Family CSP

Here you can find the technical documentation of the CSP project with all transferfiles and adjustments of the past years.

Adjustments to the forms and transfer files usually take place once a year. If one year is missing from the list, no adjustments were made during this period.

Adjustments and Transferfiles

Annual Adjustment 2023

Transferfile 2023

Transferfile CSP 2023


Changes per 01.03.2022

  • If in the field [12096 6395] “Previous caesarean sections?” “yes” is clicked, a literal appears in red with “Please start with the first (oldest) cesarean section”.

  • For all fields that allow multiple selections, the addition “(multiple answers possible)” has been added to the field label.

  • The field name [12175 6498] “Method of secondary surgical management” was changed to “Method of 2nd line medical/surgical management”.

  • Analogous to field [5316 1023] “2nd line medical/surgical management necessary?”, a new field “3rd line medical/surgical management necessary?” was added.

  • For field [12174 6398] “Method of surgical management”, the choices “[42] D&C” and “[66] D&E” were replaced with “[50] D&C / suction” and the following choices were added:

    • [22] Local intragestational methotrexate injection
    • [24] Local intragestational KCL injection
    • [34] Local intragestational injection of vasopressin
    • [36] Uterine artery embolization
    • [46] Shirodkar cervical suture
    • [62] Transrectal ultrasound guided aspiration
    • [56] Intramuscular methotrexate injection
    • [82] Double balloon treatment


Annual Adjustment 2021

Transferfile 2021

Transferfile CSP 2021

The questionnaire has been completely revised. Please refer to the transferfile for details on the new CSP 2.0 questionnaire.

Annual Adjustment 2020

Transferfile 2020

Transferfile CSP 2020

Only minimal adjustments.

Annual Adjustment 2019

Transferfile 2019

Transferfile CSP 2019

No project-specific changes.

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