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Field types

The Adjumed system has a total of 35 field types that can be combined individually. Here we discuss a selection of the most important field types and their possible applications.

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Radio Buttons

Radio button in the Adjumed form
Selection field if only one option is to be valid and only a few choices are available.


Drop Down

Dropdown in the Adjumed form
Selection field if only one option is to be valid and many choices are available.



Checkboxes in the Adjumed form
Selection field when several options can be selected at the same time.


Custom Tree

Custom Tree in the Adjumed Form
Tree structure, e.g. for modeling possible interventions on a CHOP code.



Label in the Adjumed form
Title field meant for instance to separate areas within a layer and thus improve readability.



Notification in the Adjumed form
Important background information for the person collecting the data.


Date fields

Screenshot AdjumedCollect: Date field

These fields facilitate the input of date entries.


File Upload

Screenshot AdjumedCollect: File Upload

Upload files directly to the database.



Screenshot AdjumedCollect: Pillbox

Store several values in one field at the same time, e.g. for several mail recipients.


Text box with mask

AdjumedCollect screenshot: text box with mask

Input of values with digits before and after the decimal point, e.g. time in SS:MM.


Collapsible Panels

Collapsible Panel in adjumed.net - Screenshot

Entire groups of questions can be shown and hidden with a collapsible panel. An important tool for the design of complex questionnaires.



Wrapper in Adjumed-Formular Screenshot

Wrappers allow groups of questions to be repeated as often as desired.


This is just a small sample of the field types provided by the Adjumed system. In general, we can model any register according to your ideas. In addition, we can adapt your questionnaire to individual style guides. Contact us or take a look at our demo system directly.

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