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Swiss Society of Surgery SGC and Adjumed

The Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie (Swiss Society of Surgery, SGC) is the FMH-association of Swiss medical specialists for surgery and the umbrella organization of the Swiss societies for surgery. Due to its duties in quality assurance, the Swiss society of Surgery is closely connected with AQC and thus also with Adjumed. Since its founding in 1995, AQC has been actively supported by SGC. In 1999, SGC called for AQC participation for the first time.Since 2003, every SGC president has called on SGC members to participate at AQC.

The quality manager of the SGC is invited ex cathedra to the meetings of the AQC advisory board. The scientific papers compiled with AQC data are regularly presented at the SGC Congress. Thus, AQC contributes significantly to the SGC outcome quality assurance.


  • Close cooperation since the founding of AQC
  • Regular support letters from the SGC presidents