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Project SRRQAP

The Swiss Renal Registry and Quality Assessment Program (SRRQAP) was founded in 2006 by the Swiss Society of Nephrology (SGN). All dialysis patients in Switzerland are recorded in this register.

The register not only reflects the demographic situation and the development of dialysis patients in Switzerland, but also enables future assessments of important epidemiological and health policy issues. With the insights gained from this, it contributes significantly to the medical care of these patients. In addition, important new insights into disease mechanisms in chronic kidney failure are gained.

Logo Project srrqap
  • Registry for all dialysis patients in Switzerland
  • AdjumedAnalyze enables comprehensive evaluations and benchmarking
 Prof. Dr. med. Patrice Ambühl

«Thanks to the AdjumedAnalyze evaluation tool, our participants can evaluate their own data and compare themselves, just as we as study directors can do.»

Prof. Dr. med. Patrice Ambühl

Manager SRRQAP