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Project MIDAS

The „SGC Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Chirurgie“ ( Swiss Society of Surgery) evaluates under the direction of Prof. Dr. med. Marcel Jakob and Dr. Franziska Saxer (University Hospital Basel) “Patient Centered Outcome Parameters”. The results serve as a basis in the Chirurgische Minimaldatensatz (Minimum Surgical Data Set, MIDAS). Adjumed.net provides the technical basis for data entry. Data collection for MIDAS is currently in preparation and is expected to begin in 2018.


  • Pilot project of the SGC
  • Data collection starts in 2018
  • Basis for a minimal surgical record

“The MIDAS study evaluates a large number of possible quality indicators and influencing factors for therapy quality in order to define a minimum data set for measuring the quality of outcomes within the framework of quality assurance and quality management that is as meaningful and valid as possible.”

Dr. med. Franziska Saxer