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Our Partner Projects

The services of Adjumed Services AG are embedded in a larger framework of projects that all serve transparency in medicine. Our task is to promote the good things in medicine and to give security to all concerned parties. Therefore we support projects that pursue this purpose. Here are two independent projects that have sprung from our midst: the T-Certificate and OPcheck.

T-Zertifikat for Transparency and Quality Assurance in Medicine

The T-Certificate serves the purpose of disclosing the quality-oriented focus of clinics and doctor’s offices. Under the supervision of the accredited non-profit T-Foundation, the documentation and consistent realization of medical treatment quality and indication quality are to be certified. The certificate forms an ideal link between structured and current indication quality as well as consistent outcome measurement. The T-Certificate explicitly attests the active participation in medical registries, the necessary data maintenance and the associated active work with the data. Further information can be found at www.t-zertifikat.ch.

Logo T-Certificate

OPcheck – The Neutral Second Opinion Portal of Physicians

OPcheck provides patients with a personal second opinion interview. The consultations are conducted exclusively by Swiss medical specialists who have committed themselves to a neutral consultation. The second opinion physician advises the patient but does not perform surgeries on his own. OPcheck makes an active contribution to avoiding unnecessary surgery and reducing healthcare costs. Further information can be found at www.opcheck.ch.

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