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Project SAfW-Wundregister

The “SAfW Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Wundbehandlung” (Swiss Society of Wound Treatment) has created a catalog of requirements that meets the complexity of treating patients with acute and chronic wounds. Each wound outpatient clinic/wound consultation-hour has the possibility to have its instructions checked by SAfW. If the requirements are met, the respective facility will be listed and proposed on the SAfW website. Recognized wound centers document their cases in the SAfW wound registry.

Since 2011, quality assurance has been mandatory for recognized SAfW wound centers. The innovative Adjumed database and the systematic, nationwide registration of wounds make Switzerland one of the leading countries in wound management.


Further information on the SAfW wound registry can be found on the website http://www.safw.ch


  • Data collection since 2011
  • Evaluation allows longitudinal analyzes
Maria Signer

“With Adjumed, we have found a partner that is tailored to our needs and that guarantees easy and problem-free recording of wound treatments. I highly appreciate the fast and smooth cooperation.”

Maria Signer

Actuary SAfW