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Adjumed History

Our history starts with an idea. In 1995, three chief physicians had the goal to record their intervention data and compare it with each other. At the beginning there was a desire for simple benchmarking which resulted in the foundation of AQC Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätssicherung in der Chirurgie (association for quality assurance in surgery) and thus Adjumed Services AG. Today – more than 20 years later – our team consists of 10 employees. Together we maintain 15 registries with 700 departments and 7.000 users.

Milestones of our development:

1995/12 Foundation of the “AQC Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätssicherung in der Chirurgie” as a general partnership
1995/12 Foundation of Adjumed Services GmbH by Christoph and Luzi Rageth
1996/01 The first three AQC clinics start recording quality data
2006/08 The SGC-Logbook is established
2006/10 The AQC system gets ISO-certified (and has since been continuously re-certified)
2008/01The ADJUMED KIS (offline) gets replaced by the online version Adjumed.net. At that time only data entry in AdjumedCollect was possible
2009/05Together with fmCh, AdjumedValidate is launched as PublicDatabase
2010/05 Adjumed Services GmbH is converted into Adjumed Services AG
2010/05 Adjumed Services AG receives the Swiss Quality Innovation Award for the development of the PublicDatabase
2011/06Foundation of Adjumed Services Deutschland GmbH and Adjumed Services Ltd in Hong Kong
2012/05 AdjumedAnalyze is developed to replace the offline evaluation tool Adjumed-Access
2012/11 Adjumed wins the tender for the Swiss Trauma Registry (STR)
2013/02 Almost a million old cases are moved from the offline database to the online database.
2014/04 After a preliminary examination the TMF – Technologie- und Methodenplattform lists Adjumed.net in their TMF Toolpool Gesundheitsforschung
2015/04 In a survey of those responsible for the register, Adjumed Services AG receives the highest marks
2016/07 Winning the SwissVasc Registry
2018/10 Start of scientific cooperation with the University Hospital Basel (Prof. Dr. Werner Vach)
2018/12 Accreditation by XML-Oncobox (chest area)

And the best thing is: Thanks to the great support of our customers we can always evolve and keep our youthful momentum. Today we have an operational “dream team” that adds further dynamism to Adjumed.