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Project STR Swiss Trauma Registry
The Swiss Trauma Registry (STR) was launched in 2012 as part of the Intercantonal Association for Highly Specialised Medicine (IVHSM).

The speciality of the STR is the close link between Switzerland-specific STR fields and the questionnaire of the German Society for Trauma Surgery DGU. The data is entered either directly in Adjumed.net or by importing the data via one of the existing interfaces. Adjumed.net provides the possibility to enter the official DGU data set in addition to the STR data set. The same values are automatically transferred and, where possible, similar values are converted from STR to DGU format.

Adjumed.net can generate a complete DGU dataset for export to the DGU Trauma Registry and is therefore fully compatible. The Swiss emergency centres for severely injured people can compare themselves with each other in the AdjumedAnalyze and at the same time an international benchmark is available to them via the DGU.

  • Project within the framework of the IVHSM-Registers
  • Link with the German DGU questionnaire
  • Central Swiss and international benchmarking in one database
Prof. Dr. Hans-Peter Simmen
«The interaction between the Swiss Trauma Registry and the DGU Registry is almost a “mission impossible”, as both systems are constantly being developed. The Adjumed System provides us with “best of both worlds”: a high-performance STR register of our own with all the flexibility and a link to the international DGU register with reliable comparative figures.»

Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Peter Simmen

UniversitätsSpital Zürich