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Project SwissVasc

The SwissVasc Register was initiated in 1999 by the Swiss Society of Vascular Surgery (SGG) and was fundamentally revised in 2016. An innovative and high-performance system with templates (i.e. with prefilled fields) was set up in Adjumed.net. The doctors and study nurses benefit from partially prefilled questionnaires which make data entry very efficient including automatic calculations of SIWF OP codes as “acknowledgement” of the entries.

SwissVasc 2.0 is currently under discussion as the basis for the hospital lists for highly specialized medicine in the Canton of Zurich.

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  • Data input since 1999
  • Fundamental realignment 2016 on the basis of Adjumed.net
  • Efficient input, e.g. through templates and automatic calculation of SIWF-OP codes
Pius Wigger
“Adjumed has quickly relaunched and extended SwissVasc to SwissVasc 2.0, thus ensuring a seamless transition between input and evaluation. The continuous further development, in particular the automatic calculation of interventions, can be integrated into the existing system at any time in an uncomplicated manner and within a few days. I very much appreciate this form of cooperation and constructive work”.
Dr. med. Pius Wigger