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Project CSP-Registry

The CSP registry collects worldwide data on pregnancies with the complication “Cesarean Scar Pregnancy”.

The aim is to better understand the risks associated with this disease and identify the most effective treatment. The CSP Registry is the only active registry dealing with this rare complication. New centres interested in scientific research are always welcome.

You can contact the operator at any time on the register’s website.

  • since Q4/2018
  • Collection of data on an international basis
Prof. Dr. med. Othmar Schöb

“The Adjumed team has a great deal of experience in the development of medical registries. They are very circumspect, know exactly what it needs, have a broad view of the big picture, are structured in their approach and, in addition to organisation and technology, also provide communicatively everything that is needed for a user-friendly register. We really appreciate the fact that they made it possible for us to have a professional web presence with the homepage www.csp-registry.com“.

Dr. med. Andrea Kaelin Agten