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Answers to frequently asked questions about the handling of AdjumedCollect and AdjumedAnalyze. Missing your question? Just call our hotline.

Login / User Administration

I would like access to an existing hospital. Whom should I approach?

Creating and removing users is the responsibility of your hospital administrator. Please contact them directly.

We are happy to offer support if you do not know the hospital administrator or if he or she needs help in setting up or managing users.

Procedure if you do not know or cannot reach your hospital administrator:

Please send us an e-mail to info@adjumed.ch with the following information.

  • Name of the hospital and hospital number
  • Which user rights are needed? (See User Manual AdjumedCollect p. 15: Information about the various user rights).
  • To which products is access requested? (AdjumedCollect and/or AdjumedAnalyze)
  • Your mobile phone number, if you need access to AdjumedAnalyze. This is required because you will receive an m-TAN to this number every time you log in to AdjumedAnalyze.

Short guide for your hospital manager:

  • Login to AdjumedCollect on www.adjumed.net.
  • Select the menu item “Master data”. Next, select the menu item “User”.
  • A new user can be created by first selecting the hospital and the corresponding department from the hospital group already stored.
  • A list with the existing users will appear.
  • A new user can be created with the “new” button.

Data Protection

What does Adjumed Services AG do to protect data privacy?

Data protection is a central issue for us. We have created a page with detailed information.

How do I inform my patients about the Registry?

In general, a hospital may record for itself whatever it deems necessary for the well-being of the patient(s). (Contrary to popular opinion, it is also irrelevant whether it does this on its own systems intra muros or on external systems such as AdjumedCollect, as long as these external systems are state-of-the-art).

For data protection reasons, it is mandatory to inform patients about the entry of their data in a register and to inform them of their right to object. For example, we recommend the following standard wording:

Data collection for quality assurance and research:
In the course of your hospital stay / treatment, personal data will be collected from you for quality assurance and research. This data can be made available in anonymised form to experts and authorities (e.g. the Federal Office of Public Health) for evaluation as part of quality assurance and research. Responsible experts can also inspect your original data in the course of a so-called monitoring or audit (e.g. as part of a certification). During the above-mentioned checks, confidentiality is strictly maintained and data protection rules are fully respected. Your name will in no way be published in reports or publications resulting from these evaluations.
You have the right to refuse your consent to the collection of data at any time without giving reasons. This has no influence on your medical treatment, there are no disadvantages for you.

If these data are used for research purposes, they may only be distributed anonymously. Only one piece of information and no signed Informed Consent is required.

If the patient (or his/her authorized representative) has signed an Informed Consent (as they enclose it), the data may also be used non-anonymized for research purposes.

Receive Information

How do I receive information about changes to the forms?

If you want to be informed about changes in the forms, please send an email to crm@adjumed.com with the request to register you as an active developer for the project(s) you are interested in. You will then receive all info mails.

For example, we always provide information in November on upcoming changes as of January 1 of the following year.
To be informed about even small changes, we recommend the service https://visualping.io/. If you register there and enter e.g. https://adjumed.com/support/faq/ for this site or https://adjumed.com/support/schnittstellen/familie-bc/ for updates to the SBCDB/EUSOMA/DKG family, Visualping will automatically inform you about changes.


What does the button "Close case" at the end of the questionnaire mean?

This button transfers the currently displayed case from the status “pending” to the status “completed”.

After clicking the button, the case is tested in a series of automatic checks (row check). Only if all tests are passed successfully the case will be closed. The tests vary according to the questionnaire. A mandatory check is, for example, whether each mandatory field has been completed. An individual check is, for example, whether the information in a field exceeds a certain reference value.

You will receive an error message if a mandatory field is missing or a field has an invalid value. These messages appear directly on the field in question.

A distinction is made between info messages (warnings) and errors. Info messages are warnings, the case can still be closed. Fehler hingegen verhindern das Abschliessen eines Falles. They must be revised in advance.

I would like to close several cases at once in AdjumedCollect. How do I proceed?
  • Please log in to AdjumedCollect at www.adjumed.net.
  • Select the menu item “close cases”.
  • Enter the desired period and click “search”.

Now all pending cases that exist in the selected period are displayed.

  • Check the displayed cases

You can choose whether the error log is displayed on the screen (“Check Cases”) or whether a log is displayed for download (“Check Cases – Download Log”) or the log is sent by e-mail (“Check Cases – E-mail Log”).

During the checking process, all successfully checked cases are automatically set from “pending” to “completed”. These will no longer appear in the list of cases to be examined.

How can I see which cases are pending or closed in a specific time period?
  • Please log in to AdjumedCollect at www.adjumed.net.
  • Select the menu item “Cases”.
  • Next, click on “Search”.
  • Then select the desired period on the entry date.
  • Under “Status”, you can choose whether you want to display only the pending or the completed cases.
  • Then click on the “search” button.

Master Data

I would like to create a new surgeon in AdjumedCollect. What do I have to do?
  • Please log in to www.adjumed.net in AdjumedCollect and select the menu item “Master data”.
  • Next, select the menu item “Doctors” and add a new surgeon using the “New” button.

Surgeons who are listed in the physician master data are available for selection in the questionnaire (e.g. as surgeon information).

When assigning the surgeon number, please make sure that it is unique, i.e. each surgeon must be assigned a number that is unique and assigned only to him. This number is user definable.

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