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Here you will find the technical documentation for the AQC family with all transfer files and adaptations of the past years. The AQC family also includes the registers HSM Visceral Surgery (VisHSM), Swiss Morbid Obesity Study Group (SMOB) and Anatomical Resections of the Swiss Society of Thoracic Surgery (Thor1).

Adjustments to the forms and transfer files usually take place once a year. If one year is missing from the list, no adjustments were made during this period.

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We offer a discussion forum for the professional exchange around the collection of medical data. We look forward to active participation and exciting discussions.

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FAQs about the family AQC/HSM/SMOB/THOR1

The system indicates that cases cannot be closed due to the error message "HSM code missing". However, I have entered an HSM code. What is the reason for this?

This message usually occurs if an HSM case consists of several intervention parts and one of these intervention parts is NOT an HSM intervention.

Please enter an appropriate code for each intervention part. The intervention parts which are not HSM intervention parts are coded with the code 00.00.00. Check the case again afterwards.

Is there a deadline for entering and closing HSM cases?

For the HSM, the data must be completed 2 months after the end of each half-year (i.e. 1 March and 1 September). For the SMOB, the data must be entered on February 15 of the following year.

The AQC does not have any input deadlines.

How can I close a case if it is assigned to several projects (e.g. AQC and HSM)?
Our system checks and regulates this for you. If you click the “Close case” button, the case automatically runs through all stored checks. If all mandatory fields in the AQC and HSM questionnaires have been completed, the case will be closed successfully.

Adjustments and Transfer Files

2019 Changes in Current Year

MoMo filter

The new filter for MoMo conferences (morbidity and mortality conferences) is now available to all AQC participants. MoMo conferences are an important tool in connection with unusual treatment processes or unexpected deaths and are intended to facilitate controls, knowledge exchange and improvements. This filter provides you with a file manager that supports easy uploading and downloading of any file. This gives you instant access to the relevant electronic patient records while discussing a case.

We thank Prof. David Schwappach of the Patient Safety Foundation for his valuable input. We are pleased to support the FMCH in its action plan 2019/2020 and to promote and further develop the MoMo conference as an instrument to improve patient safety.

2019 Annual Adjustment

Transfer file 2019

Transfer file AQC 2019

No changes to the questionnaire from 2018 to 2019. Please note that CHOP codes 2019 and ICD codes 2018 are valid from 01.01.2019.

Changes in 2018

Changes to the French translations of main, additional, and secondary diagnoses(06.11.2018)

  • The fields with field number 45 (Hauptdiagnose), 368 (Zusatzdiagnose) and 47 (Nebendiagnose) can now be better distinguished in French.

New OP-Code for nicht-Thor1-Eingriffe (20.9.2018)

  • New in the field Op codes SIWF thoracic surgery is the code 00.00 “kein thor1-Eingriff (aber thor1-Fall)”.
    This is needed to capture cases with several procedures but only one anatomical resection.

Changes to Checks HSM allgemein (18.08.2018)

  • Field no. 2951 “Datum der Tumordiagnose” and field no. 1302 “Datum des ersten Tumorboards” each now have their own “unknown” checkbox. The new checkbox no. 1729 “Datum des Tumorboards unbekannt / kein Tumorboard was introduced for this purpose.
    The change concerns the HSM questionnaire 2018 and is effective immediately. There is no effect on cases that have already been entered.

2018 Annual Adjustment

Transfer file 2018

Transfer file AQC 2018

General Adjustments

  • Field no. 9 «Aufenthalt vor Eintritt»; level A0 (Fall-Statistik)
    • New codes 55, 66, 83, 84
    • For details check the TRSF (Transfer file)
  • Field no. 42 «Aufenthalt nach Austritt»; level A0 (Fall-Statistik)
    • New codes 44, 55, 66
    • For details check the TRSF (Transfer file)
  • New facultative field no. 555 «Seitigkeit der Hauptdiagnose»; level A0 (Fall-Statistik)
    • For details check the TRSF (Transfer file)
  • New facultative field no. 556 «Seitigkeit der Hauptbehandlung»; level A2 (Eingriff)
    • For details check the TRSF (Transfer file)

Adjustments HSM

Changes VisHSM
  • Field 3010 «HSM OP Code»
    • Additional OP code «Z45.95.11: DĂĽnndarm-Anus-Anastomose mit Bildung eines Reservoirs» is now assigned to VIS 1.5 (Tiefe Rektumresektion) (without combination with ICD)
  • New field 1776 «Datum Ende neo-adjuvante Therapie»
    • Must also be completed if neo-adjuvant therapy is present.
    • New field 456 «Datum Ende neo-adjuv. “Therapie unbekannt“, if date unknown.
  • New field 454 «Datum Todestag unbekannt»
  • New field 459 «Datum Beginn adjuv. Chemotherapie unbekannt»
  • Field no. 2775 «Nummer Studie/Register»
    • Alphanumeric values are now also accepted
  • Field no. 2776 «Datum Tumorboard Entscheid»
    • Used by W&W as entry date. Adjumed requires a date for case identification, depending on the system.
  • Field no. «Aufenthalt nach Austritt»
    • Codes 4, 44, 7, 10, 30 now hidden (ausgeblendet)
  • System field 3008 «HSM Fall Art (System)»: Extended by these codes
    • «11 Rektum Proktokolektomie»
    • «12 Rektum maligne Erkrankung» (as add-on to the existing code 1).
    • System fields do not have to be transmitted, they are inserted automatically by us.
  • System field 3823 «HSM Eingriff Art (System)»: Extended by these codes:
    • «11 Rektum Proktokolektomie»
    • «12 Rektum maligne Erkrankung».
    • There is no need to transmit system fields. They will be inserted automatically from our side.
Changes to Checks HSM allgemein
  • Field 2960 „Distanz ab ano (starre Rektoskopie) (cm)“: nnew with Min/Max 0-12
  • Field 64 “Anzahl Lymphknoten befallen” must not be greater than field 63 “Lymphknoten entfernt”
  • IF field 64 “Anzahl Lymph-Knoten befallen” = 0, THEN field 59 “N-Stadium” = N0 (and not N1 or N2)
  • IF field 59 “N-Stadium” = N0, THEN field 64 “Anzahl Lymph-Knoten befallen” must not be unequal to 0
  • IF field 889 „Clavien-Dindo Komplikation“ = V, THEN field 2956 „30-Tages Mortalität“ must equal = 1. In this case, a date of death must also be entered (field 2957 “Datum Todestag”) (or date of death unknown is checked). [At the moment this is only marked as information and not as an error, since a clarification is still in progress].
  • IF field 3823 “HSM Eingriff Art (System):” = [2] Pankreas AND 3007 “maligne oder benigne (Pankreas)” = 1 (maligne)
    THEN field 2973 “Datum Beginn adjuvante Chemotherapie” >= 100 “Operationsdatum”
  • IF field 3823 “HSM Eingriff Art (System)” = [3] Leber AND field 3005 “maligne oder benigne (Leber)” = 1 (maligne) AND 2977 “Resektionsrand (Leber)” = 0
    THEN field Feld 61 “Chirurgische Resektion” ≠ R0
  • IF field 2958 “Histologischer Tumortyp” = [1] Adenokarzinom, [2] Plattenepithelkarzinom
    THEN field 3007 “maligne oder benigne (Pankreas)” ≠ [2] benigne
    Field 3005 “maligne oder benigne (Leber)” ≠ [2] benigne
    Field 3006 “maligne oder benigne (Oesophagus)” ≠ [2] benigne
  • IF field 2968 “CRM (circumferential resection margin) (mm)” >= 1
    THEN field 61 “Chirurgische Resektion” = R0
  • IF field 2968 “CRM (circumferential resection margin) (mm)” <1
    THEN field Feld 61 “Chirurgische Resektion” ≠ R0
Changes to Watch&Wait Checks
  • Field no.16: «Austrittsdatum» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 30 : «Körpergewicht (kg)» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 32: «Körpergrösse (cm)» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Feld Nr. 42: «Aufenthalt nach Austritt» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 66: «Präoperative Risiken» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 362 : «ASA-Risikostufe» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no 889: «Höchster Grad aller Komplikationen gemäss Clavien-Dindo» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 2956:«30 Tage Mortalität» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait
  • Field no. 2995: «Re-Operation gleiche Hosp.» no mandatory field for Watch&Wait

Changes SMOB

No changes from 2017 to 2018.

2017 Annual Adjustment

Transfer file 2017

Transfer file AQC 2017

General Adjustments

  • «Klinikstatistik» is renamed to «Fallstatistik»
  • Display old codes at Präoperative Risiken [Feld 66] again:
    • 143 Alkoholabusus
    • 144 Nikotinabusus
    • 145 Drogenabusus i.v. / Medikamente
  • C. Antibiotika-Prophylaxe/Therapie [35] new optional
  • Thromboembolie-Prophylaxe/Therapie [36] new optional
  • Case-related complications: Code 447 only „Harnverhalt“


  • Laparoskopie/Endoskopie [77] new mandatory with new/renamed codes:
    • 650 minimalinvasiver Eingriff
    • 651 Konversion minimalinv
    • 652 offener Eingriff
    • 653 computerunterstĂĽtzter Eingriff
    • 654 Konversion computerunterstĂĽtzt
    • 655 mikrochirurgischer Eingriff
  • Number FFP intraoperable [125] new optional
  • Number EC-Konz. intraoperable [123] new optional
  • Art der Transfusion [131] new optional

Adjustments HSM

  • New: Watch-and-wait field in the operations part with the consequences for the exams.
  • Proctocolectomy: Differentiated examinations of the rectal fields.

Changes SMOB

No changes from 2016 to 2017.

2016 Annual Adjustments

Transfer File 2016

Transfer File AQC 2016

General Adjustments

  • Field: “[71] Patient wurde ĂĽber diese Statistik informiert” extended with
    • [2] aktive Zustimmung
    • [9] unbekannt
  • Field: “[58] T-Stadium” extended with
    • [T1a]
    • [T1b]
    • [T2a]
    • [T2b]
    • [T3a]
    • [T3b]
  • Field “[60] M-Stadium” extended with
    • [M1a]
    • [M1b]

Adjustments HSM

Adjustments SMOB

No changes from 2015 to 2016.

2015 Annual Adjustment

Transfer file 2015

Transfer file AQC 2015

General Adjustments

No adjustments from 2014 to 2015.

Adjustments HSM

  • New field: [3490] HSM Index-Operation
  • New field: [ [3495] HSM Abgeschlossen (System)
  • New test: HSM Index-Operation may only be set 1x per case
  • New test: If HSM-Filter checked succesfully, HSM-Abgeschlossen on “Yes” (even if case still “pending” because of other projects).
  • New test: [2996] Anastomoseninsuffizienz (Rektum) subsequently changed to mandatory field
  • New test: [118] 1. Assist. Surgeon-No. subsequently changed to mandatory field

Changes SMOB

No adjustments from 2014 to 2015.

Annual Adjustments prior to 2015

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