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Project THOR1 to record anatomical resections
Many thoracic surgeons record their cases in the AQC system from the beginning either as normal, simple AQC cases or as specialized thoracic surgery cases supported by their own questionnaire. The Society for Thoracic Surgerydecided in 2017 to establish its Register of Anatomical Resections (Thor1) within the AQC system. The keeping of this register is obligatory for advanced training clinics.

This means that all former focus companies now use the AQC system, which SGC has always supported.

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  • Mandatory register of the Society for Thoracic Surgery
  • Specialized questionnaire that overlaps with the AQC-RTTM (reduce to the max) questionnaire
Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Schmid
«Data collection must be simple and fast. We knew that Adjumed.net would work. How comprehensive the services are, we learned when we realized that the audit functionality including processing by SGS Société Générale de Surveillance is possible. One-stop shopping for our register!»
Prof. Dr. med. Ralph Schmid