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The Input Tool for your Medical Data
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Check mark Flexible, overlapping forms and filters
Check mark Existing interfaces to all common systems (CIS / PDMS)
Check mark Calculation, grouping, transcoding and validation of data

Check mark Best data security and protection, ISO-certified system (AQC)

Example SMOB and VisHSM data entry in AdjumedCollect

Example of overlapping SMOB and VisHSM input in AdjumedCollect. This prevents redundancy in data entry.

Screenshot AdjumedCollect: Collapsible Panels

Expandable collapsible panels, show-if fields, wrapper and help texts. Questionnaire structure in two dimensions, thereof one dimension with three hierarchical levels.

Screenshot AdjumedCollect: Transcode

In AdjumedCollect, the entered or imported data is calculated, transcoded, grouped and validated.

AdjumedCollect Features

With AdjumedCollect, you use the established input and import system for collecting medical quality data. With integrated calculations, grouping and transcoding as well as cross-form checks, you can ensure the highest data quality. No matter in which department or which CIS / PDMS you are working with, AdjumedCollect offers a variety of flexible data collection options, including reporting and export.
Flexible customizable forms and filters
For every subject and every question, whether for entire clinics, separate departments or individual medical practices: AdjumedCollect can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs. Our many years of experience as a service provider for medical quality assurance enables us to meet the demands of all devisions.
Versatile interfaces to all common systems
AdjumedCollect offers – in addition to the convenient online input option – interfaces to all common clinical information systems (CIS) and patient data management systems (PDMS). It makes no difference whether your data is delivered via batch interface or web service.
Calculation, transcoding, grouping and validation of data
As soon as you enter or import cases, your data will be validated. Causal and cross-form calculations, groupings and transcodes ensure an enriched and constantly high data quality. This makes your data more meaningful and avoids redundancy, thus saving time and money.

Forms change depending on input, panels open or close, fields appear or are hidden, complex calculations take place in the background. Each field can provide interactive help if needed. All of these features simplify and speed up data entry.

Highest data security, comprehensive data protection, ISO-certified system (AQC)
In the field of data protection, we work closely with the official bodies such as data protection officers and relevant ethics committees as well as the TMF Data Protection Group. Through separate databases, SSL encrypted transmission, cryptographically secured or department-specific encrypted master data and 2-factor authentication / IP blocking, we guarantee a maximum level of access security. Moreover, our lead project, the AQC Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Qualitätssicherung in der Chirurgie (Association for Quality Assurance in Surgery), has been ISO-certified since 2006.

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