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Project Trophoblast

The Trophoblast Register was developed in 2017 by physicians of the University Hospital of Geneva and realized by Adjumed in the same year. It is a prime example of how we can use the Adjumed.net system to create an individual, high-performance and yet affordable registry even for projects with few data sets and clinics.

At the moment we have several small, partly only temporary registries in the field of gynaecology in planning.

Trophoblast Logo
  • Data collection since 2017
  • A good example of small registers
Prof. Dr. Christoph Rageth

«Trophoblast is a mini-register without a big budget and the people at Adjumed take care of it with the same enthusiasm and motivation as they do for their big projects. Chapeau!»

Prof. Dr. Christoph Rageth