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Attend trainings for AdjumedAnalyze and AdjumedCollect. You will benefit from small learning groups and our answers to your individual questions.

Adjumed Trainings

We offer trainings for Adjumed.neton a regular basis. Our course consists of two modules. We start with “Collect – correct data acquisition“, followed by “Analyze – discovering the key figures“. In the course we will take a closer look at the functions of both services, answer the most frequently asked questions and show you how to reach your goal efficiently. Your individual questions will be given time accordingly. You are welcome to tell us your topics and questions in advance. The Adjumed training takes place on a regular basis. Time required: approx. 2.5h. We look forward to meeting you!

  • Location: Zürich
  • Costs: 350 CHF (exkl. MWSt.) per person
  • Course length: ca. 2.5 Stunden
  • Monthly training dates


Are you interested to particpate in an Adjumed training? We publish the upcoming training dates in our Doodle. The course takes place when at least three participants have registered. ou will receive a confirmation by e-mail. Please sign up with your email address. The Doodle is anonymized, i.e. only Adjumed employees can see your email address.

The training takes place in our office in Zurich. Travel information


We are pleased to be able to show you all the benefits of the “System AQC”! Secure your training date today.


AQC on-site training

We would like to show you and your team on site how you can work efficiently and effectively with our system. It is very important to us that you and your team are familiar with the functionalities and evaluation options of the AQC database and make optimum use of them.

Our training focusses upon this two topics:

Short presentation for data collectors

A 20-30 minute short introduction to the “System Adjumed”. We show the
different input- and evaluation functionalities. Direct benefits for the users, such as the extract for the SIWF specialist eLogbook, increase the benefits and thus the quality and acceptance of the inputs. This part can take place optimally during a medical report or a team meeting.

Intensive Training for Specialists

During 1.5 to 2 hours the AQC specialists/responsible persons receive an intensive course in the use of Ajumed.net. The following topics are planned:

  • Efficient data input through intervention and free text templates
  • Procedures for recording cases for mandatory registers (SMOB, HSM)
  • Optimization of the interaction of the KIS/Ops program with Adjumed.net
  • Generate of patient letters and reports with your logo and layout
  • Application of the MoMo filter and file upload for MoMo conferences
  • Generate evaluations for single or multiple patients from
    AdjumedCollect and AdjumedAnalyze
  • Inclusion of the patient through the use of PROMs in AdjumedValidate
  • Possible uses of AQC data for research purposes and for the
    internal controlling

Costs are waived if budget is missing

The trainings are always carried out in pairs. We are grateful for an expense allowance of CHF 500 excl. VAT. If you do not have a budget available, we will come to you free of charge.

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