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Patient Questionaires and Data Validation Tool for Patient Involvement

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AdjumedValidate Follow-up and feedback by the patient

AdjumedValidate enables Patient Involvement Since 2011, the fmCh PublicDatabase (today www.patientenreport.ch) is run as a pilot project with AQC data.

Adjumed Validate PROM Cockpit

The cockpit shows at a glance which PROM/PREM surveys the patient has already completed and which are still pending. With the QR code, the survey can be started easily and quickly on another end device.

Single case evaluation diagram from AdjumedValidate

With AdjumedValidate, the focus is on patient benefit: patients appreciate that they are taken seriously. The clear presentation, e.g. here in the individual case evaluation, actively contributes to this. This is Value Based Healthcare in the best sense.

AdjumedValidate Features

For innovation and uniqueness, AdjumedValidate was awarded 1st place in the “Swiss Quality Innovation Award” in the area of “Transparency” in 2010. AdjumedValidate offers you a validation, questioning and communication tool between doctor and patient. Have your collected data validated directly by those who know it best: By your patients. This mechanism makes your data more meaningful and therefore gives it more weight.

AdjumedValidate can also be used as a pure PROM tool without the data validation. Its high integration with medical data (AdjumedCollect, Clinic Information Systems AI, Business Intelligence BI / Enterprise Resource Planning ERP, other surrounding systems) as well as its many functionalities (e.g. QR codes on letters, questionnaires by mail and SMS) make it a valuable survey tool. Details can be found in our Argumentarium.

PROM and PREM integrated

Our integrated Adjumed.net system puts an end to PROM/PREM islands that are neither integrated into the clinical routine nor into the existing infrastructure. We place the utmost importance on integrating not only medical registries, but also PROM/PREM capture into your current situation. “Once-only” must also apply to PROM/PREM data capture and initiation.

Flexibility must be

Patient surveys that are too rigid miss the mark. Every hospital and every center is individual. The PROM/PREM survey must also take this into account, and do so as cost-effectively and flexibly as possible. Your patients do not want to be lumped together – and PROM/PREM are there to prevent this. You yourself want PROM/PREM to be flexible and tailored to your specific situation. AdjumedValidate offers you exactly that.

Improved Patient Relationship

Increase the relationship of trust between physician and patient. By asking to verify their own data, patients experience appreciation. The inclusion of PROMs and PREMS, such as the Quality-of-Life questions (like EuroQol) or patient satisfaction questions gives patients the opportunity to send you personal statements related to their specific medical case and to stay in easy contact with you beyond the hospital discharge. This ability to connect validated medical data and PROMs/PREMs is unique.

Minimal Time Requirement

The direct link between AdjumedCollect, AdjumedAnalyze and AdjumedValidate minimizes your time requirements. Practical tools such as the personalized patient information letter that is retrievable in AdjumedCollect minimize effort. Patient questions and feedback can be answered and evaluated in the most simple way.

Validation of your Data

Patients can enrich your data through data validation or by answering important outcome questions (Patient Reported Outcome Measures – PROMs or Patient Reported Experience Measures – PREMs). Have your collected data validated directly by patients. Thus, there is a stronger incentive to enter the data truthfully and without errors. (Of course, a patient does not correct the data in AdjumedCollect, but marks it with a correction suggestion exclusively in AdjumedValidate. The data you entered will always remain. Physician perspective and patient perspective can be juxtaposed in AdjumedAnalyze).

More transparency for you

Through the direct exchange between doctor and patient, you present yourself as an open and modern company. Your patients can view their own health records and thus look “behind the scenes”. By measuring the quality of life of your patients before admission to hospital, when leaving the hospital and at any follow-up appointment, treatment success is recorded in a transparent manner.

Our Figures Speak for Themselves


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Without correction request, or request was accepted immediately

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