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Many hospitals lack a system for COVID-19 registration forms. We have developped such a system for them. This means that you can now document your COVID 19 cases in accordance with data protection regulations.

Our system is available immediately and free of charge – register now if interested!

The registration forms are generated as DOCX files for further processing / transmission. This gives you or your hospital an initial overview of the COVID-19 cases and the registration forms that have been generated and trasnmittet.

The use of the Adjumed.net system for COVID-19 reports is free of charge for all Swiss hospitals.

To what extent the cantonal physicians and then the FOPH will pick up the ball and also receive and forward COVID-19 messages electronically (which both already work), we cannot say today. Requests to the offices are currently ongoing. But in any case, with our solution the hospital has a functioning, transparent system at its disposal, which allows the entry and transmission of COVID-19 messages by several people, independent of location and installation.

Advantages of the Adjumed system

The main advantages of our tried-and-tested, high-performance multi-centric solution that meets all data protection requirements are obvious:

For the hospitals and their admitters:

  • Clear, simple, time-saving, structured recording with overlapping questionnaires.
  • Own lists of reported cases can be easily generated. This way you keep the overview.
  • Multicentric and multi-user input, all admitters working on the same system
  • Possibility to import patients / cases in various formats.
  • Extendable by general and individual questions (conceivable are e.g. follow ups, patient surveys, etc.)

For cantonal doctors and FOPH:

  • Minutely exact query of the status
  • Full statistical capabilities
  • No more manual data entry / data transmission necessary (accordingly no manual source of error)
  • Flexible system that can be expanded at any time (also with patient involvement)

Generate data protection compliant and resilient figures now!

By using the Adjumed System for COVID-19 data entry, you are actively helping to obtain reliable and robust figures on infections in Switzerland. At present, Switzerland lacks a uniform, digital and data-protected system for collecting COVID-19 cases. This means that clinicians, epidemiologists and government decision-makers have to master the crisis blindly.

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